Mine restoration work carried out in many parts of the country




The Henan Provincial Department of Public Security and the Provincial Department of Natural Resources jointly issued the "Work Plan for the Hundred Days of Concentrated Remediation of Abandoned Mine". and combat governance to ensure high-quality development of the mining economy and high-level protection of the ecological environment. Immediately, Pingdingshan, Hebi, Gongyi, Sanmenxia and other areas quickly deployed a centralized remediation action for abandoned mines, and put forward remediation points and work requirements.

Shanxi Province has vigorously carried out the ecological restoration of abandoned open-pit mines in the Yellow River Basin, and implemented 1,223 hectares of restoration tasks in 6 cities and 29 counties. In the next step, Shanxi will carry out a survey on the ecological status of the province's historical mines, and the number of existing mines will not be lower than the existing amount every year. 30% of the target will be treated and restored to ensure that by the end of 2024, the ecological restoration of the mines left over from the history of the Yellow River Basin in the province will be completed.

On October 21, Heilongjiang Province's market-oriented approach to promote mine ecological restoration project promotion meeting was held in Harbin. The meeting proposed that to give full play to comparative advantages and strengthen policy supply, all localities should formulate practical and operable implementation opinions based on actual conditions; strive for To achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, make full use of supporting policies such as index trading, balance of cultivated land occupation and compensation, and utilization of surplus mineral resources, and actively explore the Heilongjiang model of implementing ecological restoration in a market-oriented manner.

In recent years, Hukou County, Jiangxi Province has always adhered to the strategy of "Ecological County, Green Development", built a working mechanism of "government-led, departmental coordination, and enterprise-led construction", and took multiple measures to promote the ecological restoration of mines, and achieved remarkable results. Fujian Zhangping Water Conservancy Bureau, together with the ecological environment, natural resources and other departments, established a joint law enforcement leading group for the normalization of mines, and established five systems to effectively strengthen the normalization of mines supervision, and achieved remarkable results.

With the development of mine restoration work all over the country and the strict requirements for the "ecological" development of mines, the mining work is becoming more and more difficult, so what should mining enterprises do?

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