Promote the high-quality development of the mining industry




Mine resources are an important material basis for society and production development. Modern people's production and life are inseparable from mine resources. However, unscientific mining methods not only cause a lot of waste of resources, but also lead to geological and dynamic disasters such as landslides, landslides, and water inrush, and seriously damage the native vegetation, water resources and ecological environment systems.
In order to protect the environment, realize the utilization of resources, and realize the green and sustainable development of economy and ecology. The mining industry should also follow the laws of natural development, realize the coordination and unity of mining development and ecological development, and form a green ecological circular economy development pattern characterized by clean production, efficient resource recovery and waste recycling.
Taking the road of green and sustainable development is not only to realize the greening of the surface of the mine, but to promote green, scientific and sustainable into every link of the mining work, change the current extensive management mode of the rough mining industry, and achieve order and refinement. management. Not only regard minerals as resources, but also effectively protect and utilize important components of the surrounding ecological environment (land, vegetation, water resources, etc.).
Before mining, the possible fragmentation and impact of mining on the ecosystem should be fully assessed. Through scientific design and advanced production technology, the impact and damage on ecological and environmental elements during the mining process should be minimized. Do a good job from the source Protection of natural and ecological environment in mining areas. The use of modern new beneficiation technology and equipment to improve the beneficiation recovery rate, thereby greatly reducing tailings emissions. The waste rock, tailings and other wastes are processed and utilized to reduce the waste of resources and avoid the damage to the environment caused by the accumulation of wastes. While mining, activities to protect the ecological environment of mines, such as land reclamation, greening, and prevention of soil erosion, should be carried out simultaneously. According to local conditions, afforestation, forest restoration and grassland ecological construction should be carried out, starting from all directions, and realizing the scientific greening of the mining industry. development.

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