KPI indicators related to production management of mineral plants




The management function of the dressing plant is to do a good job in the key indicators of mineral processing, such as: processing capacity, recovery rate, product quality, production cost, equipment operation rate, safety and environmental protection, employee morale and other seven KPI performance according to the business objectives and production plans of the mining enterprise. The management of indicators, and around the above goals, improve the work system and process, formulate reasonable and clear work standards, take active and effective methods and measures, and plan, organize, and direct the company's human resources, materials, equipment, funds and other resources ( leadership), coordination and control, so as to ensure the benign operation of beneficiation production.
The quality of beneficiation products mentioned here refers to the quality of concentrate products, that is, the products obtained through the sorting process, which can be used as raw materials for sintered pellets before smelting, or raw materials for other industrial and agricultural applications. Concentrates whose content has reached the national standard are also called qualified concentrates.
The determination of reasonable product quality standards is the result of a comprehensive balance of resource factors, production factors, cost factors, and market factors. Reasonable product quality standards and a perfect product quality assurance system are the guarantee for the benefits of mineral processing enterprises.

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