Shandong Yonggu Gold Mines Equipment Co.Ltd., Central Plant of Zhaoyuan Gold Mines Equipment specialized in producing the large specialized instruments, locate in Zhaoyuan in Jiaodong Peninsular, which is known as the “Golden City of China”.

The “Yonggu” complete-set-of-equipment, which can produce 50-2000 ton of gold per day, is late-model and energy-efficient, apply to industries such as black and non-ferrous, chemical and construction material, etc.

Add: No. 538, Wenquan Road, Zhaoyuan, Shandong
Tel:86-535-8123838 86-535-8126138 86-535-8213838
A large specialized machinery manufacturer
The plant manufactures complete set of “Yonggu” new energy-efficient dressing and smelting equipment with production of 50-6000t/day.
Applicable to the ferrous industry, nonferrous industry, chemical industry and building material industry