Smart mines are an inevitable trend, promoted the strategy of mine intelligence




Since the 1990s, my country has carried out research work related to automation, digitization, and automated mining, and carried out preliminary design and construction of intelligent mines. In recent years, based on the early achievements of automated mining, my country has comprehensively promoted the strategy of mine intelligence from the national level and the enterprise level.

At present, the construction of intelligent mines in my country has begun to take shape, and the large-scale application of digital, informatization and intelligent technologies has significantly improved the comprehensive level of mining technical equipment, production control, safety management and operation management, and promoted the scientific development of the mining industry.

The application of mining software and the automation of main equipment have been basically realized in domestic mining enterprises, and some mines have realized remote, remote and unmanned production management. Some advanced enterprises are using artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing technologies to innovate mine intelligent control and decision-making systems, striving to achieve intelligent control over the entire process of production operations and operation management.

After the implementation of the "New Safety Production Law", the process of mechanization of mines to replace people, intelligent reduction of people, and intelligent unmanned people has been accelerated. For example, Maanshan Iron and Steel Zhangzhuang Iron Mine, Zijin Ashele Copper Mine, Hubei Sanxin Gold and Copper Co., Ltd. and other mines have made characteristics and made progress in production, safety and intelligent management. According to the characteristics of their geological resources and the actual problems they face in the production process, these mines take safety and high efficiency as the main goals.

However, from the perspective of the overall construction method, the construction period is short, the system for solving local or regional production safety problems is advanced rapidly, and the promotion and application are rapid, while some contents that need long-term accumulation and transformation, such as business process matching, production process transformation, Data resource sorting and management model improvement have not yet attracted widespread attention, and the overall economic benefits of smart mine construction are not significant.

At present, compared with the developed countries in the mining industry, under the dual effects of national policy guidance and production safety pressure faced by enterprises, the intelligent construction of mines in my country is generally highly motivated. A large number of demonstration projects and demonstration mines have emerged. It has reached the international advanced level in the fields of wide application, unmanned underground electric locomotive, and mineral processing automation. However, due to the fact that my country's industrialization process has not yet been completed, the equipment level and management level between different mines are greatly different, and the intelligent construction is difficult. Although the construction enthusiasm is very high, the actual effect still has room for improvement.

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