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  • Product name: Cyclone group
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When the hydrocyclone is too large, the classification efficiency of hydrocyclone is limited, small diameter, the grouping efficiency higher, if the mine scale, production capacity, in order to guarantee the quantity, and can ensure the classification efficiency, can be customized hydrocyclone group, according to the different ore size the underflow concentration and volume of production, selection and determine the hydrocyclone number.

Cyclone liner is made of Xinhai wear resistant rubber, cyclone is part of the box body and the pipeline of many key position do rubber processing, or lined with Xinhai wear resistant rubber, the cyclone is the overall service life increase.

Every swirl device within the group, no gap gate feed port installed Xinhai R & D, this valve is almost no resistance to motion, the valve size is small, reducing the cyclone diameter.

Cyclone is running smoothly, high classification efficiency, is a good helper of mining classification.