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  • Product name: The diaphragm jigger
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This product is side moving (upper moving)type rectangular jig,with the features of stable slice,good separation result,and convenient maintenance,with the diaphram and drive unit mounted at a side of the  jigging chamber,It is widely used for recovering valuable ore with fine grain size in the gold separation plant,separating rough concentrate in the gold placer.and recovering the monomer coarse gold in adcance by being arranged in the grinding classification loop in the gold-bearing rock mine.

The design of water diversion calve is adopted for the improved type(A).The drive mechanism interlocks,diatributes and feeds the water,With unique and advanced structure,rational water compensation is achieved.


Notes for Selection:


Please specify the model and quantity,as well as the size of screen aperture while placing your order.If there is no special requirement,we will supply the screen with each aperture of 2mm.

If there is no special requirement for drive model,we will make the jig with left drive .

Jigging chamber may be made with single hopper or double hopper,at the customer's options,please specify the type of jigging while placing your order.