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  • Product name: Automatic tube type sampler
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Rotary crankshaft closed tubular sampler is a new kind of automatic ore pulp sampling machine successfully developed on the basis of summarizing the features of numbers of samplers used in mines,with the advantages like new structure,rational design,reliable performance ,simple installation and convient operation,etc.This sampler is installed along the tube,and no elevation difference is required.No loss of head for pulp.Its sampling spoon has a unique structure,which can sample the ore pulp in a direction vertial to flow direction of ore pulp,ensuring an accurate sampling and high representativeness.The sampling time can be set and changed within the range of 5-50minutes at the operator's discretion.

New photoelectrical technique is adopted for the electric part,with perfect protective circuit,it has the features likes simple control,sensitive action,sage and reliable .This machine is ideal for replacing the outdated samplers.